I’m Management!!!!

Wow! What an amazing Valentines Day I had! And also what an amazing couple of months it’s been! The new job has really taken off… I made management!


Since a manager needs her space, I also got a really big office all to myself. It’s been great, though a little challenging.
Now my days start off with my direct reports showing me what they’ve been working on. We call them “Scrums”. It’s about the only way I can keep tabs on all the amazing stuff they’re creating.
Another thing I have to deal with is our budget. I have to decide what’s important enough to spend money on and what’s not. My direct reports come and plead their cases, and sometimes I have to say no…
This can lead to some pretty ugly scenes…
I also have to do quarterly reviews for my employees. I hate it, but sometimes you just have to let them know that they’re not working up to their abilities.
The best part of my day today was when my boyfriend Doug (I call him Jug… hehe) stopped by with my Valentines gift. How romantic!
We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the snow fall outside all my windows… a perfect day!

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  1. burrillville on

    congrats on the new gig Rita!

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