A Day in the Life of Rita Kaurt…

Hi! I’m Rita Kaurt! I just started working for a great company called NewsGator and started learning about all these blogs… so I decided to start one of my own!  For my first post, I decided to tell the world how I spend my day…
My day starts out riding the elevator up to the the 25th floor of a skyscraper in downtown Denver Colorado.  Being on the second to top floor means waiting for everyone else in the elevator to get to their floors first… but they have this great Captivate thing that helps pass the time.
When I finally get to my desk, I get to work right away.  I get to test all the cool things the really cute developers I work with create.
Since I’m new, I’m still learning about all the things that NewsGator does, and sometimes I have to ask the developers for a little help.  They don’t seem to mind though.
We use a really confusing site called Rally to log bugs. Lots of times I’m not sure how I need to write things up, so I have to go ask one of the other QA people.  Other times I just go and hang out with the platform guys and chat. They’re all super cool.
Meetings are also a big part of my day. Planning, explaining or prioritizing things seems to be what most are about.  I don’t mind these so much, but the guy on the left in this picture is always checking out my feet… weird :-$
One thing about NewsGator is all the free food! I like almost all of it, but it all kind of tastes the same.  That’s probably because I love to drown everything in Tabasco… I’ve only been here a week and I’ve already gone through a whole bottle!
In the afternoon I’m usually by the foosball table. I like watching people play…
But I also like to play myself!
But since I just started playing and I don’t have any hands, I often end up wearing the bagel 😦
By the end of the day I’m back at my desk wrapping up. It’s a lot of fun, and though the work is challenging, I really love my new job!

3 comments so far

  1. Brad Feld on

    Rita – while we haven’t met yet – it sounds like you are getting a good handle on your job, even though you don’t have hands. I look forward to meeting you at the next board meeting.

  2. Nicki0731 on

    Wow, really cute developers AND super cool platform guys? How come those aren’t listed as the perks on newsgator’s employment pages? I would like to know more about the bagel wearing. Glad to hear you smart people came with a work- appropriate option to being “pantsed” at foosball.

  3. Anita on

    Um, who collected the I-9 for this employee? We need to be on the square you know! (well she is kinda square) Ok I’m gonna say it, but keep it on the down low… I MISS MY COMPANY! 😉

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